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A Shopify search app works like your right-hand man, making the shopping experience smoother while converting browsers into paying ones.


Site search has been an important real estate of any eCommerce store as 43% of online shoppers started their shopping journey with the search bar. Also, if your search engine successfully assists your customers in finding their dream items, the conversion rates can significantly increase by over 40%.

So the question is: how to know which is the best solution for your business?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best Shopify search apps by digging deeper into their user reviews, features, and pricing plans. We hope that you can quickly find the one to match your demands.

10 Shopify Search Apps for Online Stores in 2023

If you take a look at the Shopify marketplace now, there’re 130 apps under the navigation and search category, which might get you overwhelmed and you won’t know where to start, right? To save you tons of time on testing different search solutions, here are the top choices that you can give a try to leverage your search engine and drive a non-stop sales boom.

Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce

● Rating: 4.9 (1,470)

● Price: Starts from $19/month. 14-day free trial

Understanding that search relevance is key to conversions, the app harness AI power to bring digital shoppers well-matched results that match their intent in milliseconds. AI Search, Instant Search Autocomplete, and Searchandising to help you better online product discovery and conversions.

Likewise, the Boost team provides Shopify merchants very insightful tool called Search Analytics. As its name suggests, you can get first-party data with detailed reports to deeply understand your customers’ behaviors with their search activities. Some important metrics worth mentioning are top search terms, top search queries with no results, conversion rate, total revenue generated by the search, and so on. The data range is available for 365 days.

Highlight features:

● Full-text search, partial search, synonyms, suggestions, typo tolerance, autocomplete, redirects, stop words, previous searches, popular searches, alternative searches

● Custom search page display & instant search widget

● AI synonyms

● Product performance ranking

● Visual Merchandising

● Search insights & revenue insights

● Mobile-friendly responsive design

Smart Search Bar & Filters by Searchanise

● Rating: 4.7 (1,402)

● Price: From $19/month. 7-day free trial

Searchanise is a complete search solution that is meant to convert more visitors into purchases. That is, it includes everything from providing a more thorough search algorithm to enhancing performance, tracking data, adding new features, marketing items, and more.

When you combine all of these characteristics, you have a collection of tools that may have a significant impact on your store’s shopping experience and bottom line.

Highlight features:

● Full-text site search

● Autocomplete

● Stopwords

● Synonyms

● Customizable search results

● Redirects

● Custom CSS and HTML

● No results page

Smart Product Filter & Search by Globo

● Rating: 4.9 (469)

● Price: Free plan available. 21-day free trial

Smart Product Filter & Search is a must-have app for you since it significantly improves your search bar. Provide more relevant and time-saving search results to your consumers. The app also has an innovative autocomplete bar that allows clients to effortlessly search for the things they want. The software allows you to use a wildcard partial search to make your customer’s purchasing experience even smoother.

Highlight features:

● Full-text search

● Auto-suggestions

● Search suggestion dictionary

● Redirects

● Zero-character suggestions

● Custom no products found pages

Product Filter & Search Bar by CloudSearch

● Rating: 4.9 (586)

● Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial

CloudSearch is a reliable approach for Shopify merchants to optimize their search and increase conversion rates. This tool provides a refined search and navigation experience due to optimal eCommerce standards.

Highlight features:

● Autocomplete and real-time suggestions

● Spelling corrections, synonyms, related terms & languages

● Merchandising

● Search Analytics

● Mobile-friendly design

Product Search Bar & Filters by Doofinder

● Rating: 4.9 (559)

● Price: Free plan available. 30-day free trial

With the search solution from Doofinder, AI-based technology can help you increase your conversion rate. Doofinder increases search results and product exposure, allowing your consumers to locate exactly what they need. Without increasing your load time, the app provides customized search results based on unique, real-time preferences in less than 25 milliseconds. They provide a variety of AI-powered marketing solutions to enhance your internal site search.

Highlight features:

● Autocomplete

● Personalized search results

● Mobile and voice search

● Searchandising

● Visual search

● Real-time statistics

Search, Filters & Discovery by Fast Simon, Inc.

● Rating: 4.7 (709)

● Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial

Fast Simon creates optimized eCommerce experiences that significantly boost conversion rates and average order value (AOV). Its ground-breaking platform blends customer, behavioral, and retail information in a novel way for strategic merchandising, search, personalization, and audience segmentation. Through its no-code frontend, API, JS SDK, REACT components, and hydrogen, Fast Simon drives shopping optimization for thousands of fast-growing brands.

Highlight features:

● Search Filters

● Mobile optimized search

● Did you mean & a related search

● A/B Testing

● Natural Language Search

● AI-Based Instant Search

● Smart autocomplete

● Typo & auto-correction

● Auto synonyms antonyms

● Visual search & Complete The Look

Algolia Search and Discovery

● Rating: 3.6 (25)

● Price: Free plan available

Algolia integrates with your Shopify store’s product catalog and collections to give a smooth search and navigation experience. Search autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets, and many more features may be easily delivered to your clients on any device, with unsurpassed speed and relevancy.

Highlight features:

● Product discovery: Connect buyers with merchandise tailored to them

● SaaS application search: Build the search and discovery experience with Algolia’s APIs

● Build the search and discovery experience with Algolia’s APIs

● Site search: Increase web visitor conversions by enabling search and discovery across different types of website content

Smart Search Bar & Filter by Rapid Search

● Rating: 5 (206)

● Price: Free plan available. 14-day free trial

Rapid Search, an enterprise-level search engine, can assist you in increasing the conversion rate of your Shopify store. The AI-powered search bar, product and category filters, zero-character recommendations, and a slew of other smart features will boost your store’s performance and improve the user trip. Real-time search analytics offers you valuable information for decision-making and marketing initiatives.

Highlight features:

● AI-powered search bar

● Search suggestions

● Synonyms and spelling recognition

● Merchandising rules

● Customizable search results pages

● Powerful analytics

Smart Search & Product Filter by SoBooster

● Rating: 4.9 (411)

● Price: Starts from $14.99/month. 14-day free trial

It’s one of the most powerful all-in-one solutions, integrating search, filter, and merchandising capabilities to assist your customers to find exact items, hence increasing your income. Their app provides an unrivaled search experience for your business.

You may also use our pinning and merchandising rules to intelligently highlight essential goods. Furthermore, the Analytics Dashboard lets you observe which keywords and goods your clients use and click the most.

This app can handle vast and complicated product categories since it is built with AI technology and solid infrastructure (bare-metal clusters, AWS + Azure as a fallback).

Highlight features:

● AI smart instant search

● Smart Merchandising – promote bestselling products to boost sales

● Advanced analytics – better search and filter insight, better decisions

● Advanced synonyms – better and relevant results

Omega Instant Search by Omega Commerce

● Rating: 4.9 (330)

● Price: Free plan available. 30-day free trial

The Omega Instant Search app directs your potential customers to exactly what they are looking for and returns accurate product search results in a fraction of a second. Our intelligent search will convert your website visits into actual clients, resulting in increased sales and profits.

Highlight features:

● Outperformance: customers will instantly obtain the most relevant search results

● Autocomplete: a drop-down is integrated into your current search bar

● Spell Correction: smart search fixes typos in real-time as you type

● Custom Filters: the ability to filter items directly on a search results page

● Store-Wide search in products, collections, pages, and blog posts

To Conclude

We understand how difficult it is to select the best solution. These are the top products available on the market right now. Hope that you’ll find a perfect match that helps you leverage your site search and drive more sales.

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