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Incorporating Apps into your store can help you boost sales and revenues, improve customer service, enhance retention, and streamline various business processes and tasks.

With the right tool, running and managing your store becomes hassle-free.

This guide gives you a detailed review of the best Shopify Apps that will help you boost your sales, drive traffic, and optimize your business.

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If you are looking for the best apps to grow your business, this list is for you 

1. Trustoo Product reviews Ali reviews

2. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

3. Seal Subscription

4. Back in Stock ‑ Restock Alerts

5. Loloyal: Loyalty & Referrals

6. Trust Me ‑ Trust Badges & Icon

7. SEO&Image Optimizer&Page speed

8. Parcel Panel Order Tracking

9. ET Language Translate‑Currency

10. Live Chat, Help Center, FAQ Page

11. Klaviyo

12. Omnisend

13. NotifyVisitors : Email & SMS

14. Printful: Print on Demand 

15. Dropshipman- Ali Dropshipping

16. DSers AliExpress Dropshipping

17. Instafeed – Instagram Feed

18. Outfy

19. ReferralCandy

20. Adoriс: Upsell & Email Pop Ups

21. Wisepops

Best Shopify App for Product Reviews:


TT Ali Reviews Product Reviews 

Shopify Rating: 5.0

This feature-rich review app is designed to help you collect and display your customers’ comments about your Shopify business and products with photos. This app can promote word of mouth and referrals and boost customer retention and revenues.

With Ali Reviews Product Reviews, you’ll be able to make the most effective marketing materials out of social proof ( including reviews and other user-generated content such as pictures.

Key features

Product page review display: This allows you to collect and showcase your customers’ reviews, including photos.

Reviews import: It enables you to collect photo reviews using Amazon/AliExpress Reviews importer and other apps. You can also transfer existing reviews from other platforms by importing CSV files.

Product review management: This allows you to select the product reviews you wish to publish, edit the reviews to match your products and display all the reviews in a single place.

Translate reviews: This translates your content into various languages to help your local customers convert to purchases.


A free plan is available for life, and a paid plan starts at $9.99 monthly with unlimited options. And for BFCM, reviews offer a special code for all of our new users and old users. Install reviews and redeem this code ( to get a 30% off for the first month!

Best used for

Collecting and showcasing photo reviews from customers

Using social proof for marketing your products and shop


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Has numerous features

Excellent customer service

Available in various languages


Limited features in the free version

Customer review

“Awesome, this app is cool, easy to use, and less expensive with a free trial. It has helped me advertise my app with reviews. I highly recommend it”

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Looking for an easy way to increase conversions and sales? This is exactly what Loox helps you achieve. The app allows you to send automatic review request emails to your customers after they purchase your products. With this app, you can ask customers for product reviews and, in return, offer them discounts each time they submit photos or videos.

Key features

Smart and customizable automated review request emails that allow you to collect authentic product reviews.

Beautiful and customizable widgets enable you to showcase your happy customer content and make your brand shine.

Share reviews with incentives that allow you to offer discounts to encourage customers to leave reviews. This can help you generate traffic to your website.

Intuitive interface and 24/7 support for easy setup.


Loox offer a 14-day free trial. Pricing starts at $9.99/month for the beginner plan, $34.99 for the growth plan, and $299.99/month for the unlimited plan.

Best used for:

Obtaining authentic social proof and real word-of-mouth referrals

Showcasing customers’ photo and video reviews


Offers various display options

Easy to set up

Sends automatic review request emails


No Google shopping integration for lower plans

Full customization is available for higher plans only

Customer review

“The reviews on our website provide excellent social proof that helps us to convert sales. The customer service team at Loox have been quick to respond and help us when we have reached out”. Customer review

Best for Subscription


Seal Subscription


Shopify Rating: 4.9

Configuring a subscription has never been easier! Install the app, create your first subscription rule and start generating sweet recurring revenue. Seal Subscriptions app gives you full control over your subscribers, products, discounts, churn rate, subscription boxes, cancellations with a great support team behind it to help you with whichever situation you find yourself in! Made in Europe.

Key features:

Sell classic & prepaid subscriptions, with discounts, free trial & more!

Offer tiered discounts, custom shipping, gifts, & more with loyalty features

Your customers can easily access subscriptions with magic links!

Get an insight in your business with great statistics, payment calendar and more

Use the white-label branding with custom email domains!


FREE FOR LIFE: Free to install;

SUPERSALE: $4.95/month

RISING STAR: $7.95/month

LEGEND: $20/month

Best used for

Product subscriptions

Bundle products

Flexible payment options


Professional look

Easy navigation

Reliable performance

Responsive customer support

Free plan for small businesses and no transaction fees


Limited features in the free plan

Customer review

“If I could give Seal 100 stars, I would. Their support is unparalleled. I wish every other app provided as exceptional support as these guys. They have thought through every complex aspect of subscription management and the customer experience. Don’t be put off by their website. It was a no-brainer to go with Seal after we saw the feature list and did a demo. We are glad not to be paying …” Customer Reviews.


Best for Restocking

Back in Stock ‑ Restock Alerts 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Nothing frustrates customers more than finding their favorite products out of stock. This can lead to high bounce-back rates. While loyal customers may wait for the item to return, they may not have the time to check daily. It’s thus important to quickly let your customers know once you’ve restocked the products. And that’s where Back in Stock -Restock comes in.

This app will help you send notifications to your customers, letting them know that your products are back in stock. The app inserts a button on your out-of-stock products where customers can sign up to be notified once you restock the products. This will help you regain your lost customers and sales.

Key features

Fully customized email templates that allow you to send automatic back-in-stock emails to your customers

Drive more sales back by sending your empty-handed customer’s back-in-stock notifications and increase your revenues

Easy one-click and quick setup, which automatically enables the email button on your product page


Back in Stock- Restock Alerts offers a free plan and a paid pro plan that costs $5/month

Best used for

Sending restock notifications to customers

Getting back lost customers and sales


Simple setup

Sends automatic restock notifications

Increases sales and revenues


Not supported on mobile phones

Customer review

“Just installed it in the store. Due to the nature of the products we sell, many of them go out of stock; this app helps us capture potential buyers and simultaneously measure the demand for certain products. Also great and fast support”. Customer review

Best Reward and Loyalty Program


Shopify Rating: 4.9

Building a loyalty and loyalty program can boost the growth of your online business. It can help you improve your customer engagement, increase brand loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and build stronger customer relationships. Getting an effective app will go a long way in helping you achieve this. And what can be better than the Loloyal Loyalty app?

This app helps you to create and customize loyalty and rewards that convert your customers from like to love. It allows you to reward customers for valuable actions like purchases, sign-ups, referrals, reviews, social media shares, and birthdays.

Key features

Fully customizable rewards program allows you to offer incentives to your customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Points loyalty program: This offers points to your loyal customers for valuable actions, including reviews, referrals, purchases, social media shares, and sign-ups, among others.

Fully branded functionality that allows you to customize your program to fit your brand

A referrals loyalty program that rewards customers for referring others


This app is free to use

Best used for

Building customer loyalty and engagement

Encouraging repeat purchases

Rewarding loyal customers


Boosts sales and revenues

Increases traffic through referrals

Customizable widgets


Not ideal for beginners

Customer review

“This app is pretty awesome and does what I need it to do 🙂 And I had a great experience with customer service. Mariadel was very fast, helpful, and friendly. Overall, it was a great experience, and I would recommend this company to others”. Customer review.

Best for Social Proof

Trust Me ‑ Trust Badges & Icon 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

This app helps you reduce the bounce rate by displaying trust me badges and gives your customers a great degree of security by showing your certified payment options. The app is easy to set up with a single click and requires no coding skills.

You can customize your trust badges by changing the colors and sizes. The app displays your badges on mobile and desktop versions with its preview feature. Trust Me uses its CDN server for faster and top-notch performance.

Key features

Reduce bounce rate with icons of confidence that keep customers in your shop

Establish consumer trust by showing them multiple payment methods. Use beautiful animations to establish strong relationships.

Push sales higher by offering a variety of badges to ease your customers and motivate them to purchase from you.


This app is free.

Best used for:

Establishing customer trust

Reducing bounce rates


Easy to set up


Multiple badge options

Extremely simple installation


Ideal for large companies

Customer review

“I am using this app to let my customers know that my site is legit and secure. This way, they can feel safe making a transaction on my site. I wanted my badges placed in a certain place on my product pages, and I had both Rienna and Jaja help me with the placement of the badges. Very happy with the placement badges and this app. Thank you for the help”. Customer review

Best SEO Optimization

SEO&Image Optimizer&Page speed 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

Ensuring your product images are optimized is essential as it hugely impacts your website speed. Failure to optimize your product images will reduce your web speed resulting in poor ranking in search engines and, consequently, low conversion rates.

As such, you need the help of SEO& Image Optimizer & Page Speed. This app boosts page speed and SEO by optimizing image size and alt texts. With this app, you’ll be able to edit Alt Text, Title Tag, and Meta Descriptionwithin a single page. It additionally enables you to bulk edit image Alt text and Meta elements with just a few clicks.

Key features

On-Page SEO scan: This enables Google to understand what your pages are about, ensuring a higher ranking on Google and increased organic traffic.

Detailed SEO check report: It shows the areas of your site that need optimization and gives you a clear SEO score.

Bulk Edit Alt Text and Meta Elements: This allows editing title tags, Alt texts, and meta descriptions from a single page.

Automated SEO Meta Elements templates: save time by setting your preferred template for Alt text, title tag, or meta description and synchronize it to the pages you want to optimize.


It has free basic and paid plans costing $29.99/ month for the pro plan and 59.99/ month for the Premium plan.

Best used for:

On-page and product image optimization

Promoting organic traffic


Increased organic traffic

Better ranking on search engine

Higher conversion rates


Some users claim that the app duplicates their images

Customer review

“I love this app! it makes it easy to identify optimization opportunities. Support is great, image optimization works great, and I am very satisfied”.

Best Order Tracking

Parcel Panel Order Tracking 

Shopify Rating: 5.0

Parcel Panel helps you keep track of your orders with real-time shipping notifications. With built-in shipping, Shopify native email, and SMS notifications, you won’t have to worry about customers’ queries, as the app will keep them informed about the status of their orders.

Better still, this app will help you increase customer loyalty and boost sales by providing an outstanding customer post-purchase experience with a branded tracking page. This will send customers back to your store for more sales.

Key features

Tracking order notifications: The app automatically sends order tracking notifications in real-time, enabling you to know exactly where your packages are at all times.

Branded tracking page: It allows you to generate a branded tracking page that you can share with your customers. This helps customers to keep track of their orders rather than coming to you for support.

Smart analytics: This gives you incredible insights into your shipping and upsells performance allowing you to make smart decisions.

Shipping notifications: Enable you to keep your customers engaged through proactive and timely notifications.


Parcel Panel offers a 7-day free trial and 3 pricing plans. The Essential plan costs $9/month, the Professional plan costs $49/ month, and the Enterprise plan $399/month.

Best used for

Order tracking

Improving customer satisfaction


Real-time order notifications

Higher customer loyalty

More sales


  • Limited features in the free plan

Customer review

“Easy to navigate and the customer service is excellent. I will recommend this service to anyone needing order tracking for their Shopify store”. Customer review.

Best for Language Translation

ET Language Translate‑Currency

Shopify Rating: 4.8

With this app, you can reach the global market and boost your conversion. By translating your store into several languages and adding various currencies, this app makes your store available to customers in different regions all over the world.

Moreover, this easy-to-use app allows you to translate your language automatically using the Google Neural Machine Translate API or manually with a clean interface.

Key features

Friendly SEO booster: Allows you to add hreflang tags for each language or region URL

CSV Export & Import: This makes it possible to edit your translation with a CSV export file

Auto switch language and currency: Depending on geographical location, your customers can shop without difficulties.

Translate store into multiple languages: You can add up to 20 Shopify languages to help with international marketing.


In addition to a free plan, this app has a basic plan costing $8.99/month and a growth plan at $16.89/month.

Best used for

Language and currency translation

Boosting conversions



SEO friendly

Easy setup

Automatic currency and language translation


Page assets translations only available for higher subscriptions

Customer review

“The app is easy to use and gives good average translation; it’s just a shame you need to get one of the higher subscriptions to use the translation of page assets, such as filters, etc. Great and fast support from Lisa, who answered all my questions”. Customer review

Best Chat & FAQ Automation

Live Chat, Help Center, FAQ Page 

Shopify Rating: 5.0

This is an easy-to-use customer app that is focused on improving customer interactions. Helpcenter’s Shopify app enhances its live chat functionality with ticketing, FAQ, and live chat software.

With the app’s user-friendly FAQ generator, you can quickly create an educational FAQ page that will help you to save lots of your support desk’s time. You’ll also be able to manage incoming inquiries regardless of the channel with ease.

Key features

Live chat facilitates fast and efficient communication with your customers at all times.

Multilingual FAQ builder: This allows you to create organized and easy-to-navigate FAQ pages

Help desk: with this feature, you can manage your incoming customer inquiries from a single location without switching to and from different apps and platforms.


This app has a free plan in addition to a basic plan that costs $9.90/month, a Pro Plan at $29.90/month, and an advance plan at $99.90/month.

Best used for

Customer interaction and communication


Easy to set up with no coding skills required

Works perfectly with several Shopify shops under the same account

It’s free to sign up

Offers drag-and-drop editing options


Integration with Shopify shops only

Lacks visual communication features

Customer review

“Super awesome support app with a brilliant support team. Can’t recommend them enough! I can easily see why there are no negative reviews for them”. Customer review


Best for Emai Marketing & SMS



Shopify Rating: 4.3

Klaviyo is a potent email marketing and automation solution that provides a full feature set and a 360-degree picture of the customer. With this app, you’ll get full information on every aspect of your customers, including how they came to your page, the products they viewed, and the time they spent on it.

You can also segment and analyze your customer base, enhance personalization, boost ROI, and automate certain communications with this app. Klaviyo also generates reports that help you better understand your customers’ wants and what influences their purchases.

Key features

Integration: The app offers seamless one-click integration with leading e-commerce platforms allowing you to sync all your past and present data helping keep track of every interaction on your page.

Segmentation: This allows you to send relevant content, which helps in boosting engagement and drive sales.

Automated emails: Klaviyo offers multiple automation that are fully customizable such as happy birthday discounts, welcome emails, or abandoned cart emails that ensure that your customers get timely and actionable information.


A free plan for sending up to 250 contacts per month is available. Paid plans start at $20/month for emails and $5/month for SMS marketing.

Best used for:

Capturing the entire funnel from visitors to repeat customers

Mid-sized businesses


Powerful data and analytics

Seamless integration with other eCommerce platforms

ROI-based tracking and reporting


Not-so-good customer service

The free plan allows only up to 500 emails and 250 contacts, beyond which charges apply for

Customer review

“The app is very easy to use. The support team is as good as I have ever seen. Sales are increasing, and the app is well worth the money”. Customer review


Shopify Rating: 4.8

By integrating Omnisend into your store, you’ll obtain visitor emails and nurture leads with campaigns and boost your sales and marketing efforts. It assists you in managing every step of the funnel, from list creation to customer retention and future sales. Additionally, you can integrate SMS and push notifications in your message.

This app integrates with numerous other e-commerce apps you may use in your store.

Key features

Email segmentation helps you increase your conversions with targeted, well-personalized messages.

Advanced reporting that gives you all the information including sales details and performance metrics in a single view

Ready-made email templates with a drag-and-drop email editor for easy easy email design.

SMS marketing and push notifications integration in all your campaigns and workflows; hence no need to pay more for other apps.


Free pricing is available for up to 250 contacts. Paid plans start at $16/month for the standard plan and $59/month for the Pro Plan.

Best used for

Growing Shopify shops with email, SMS, and push marketing

Building an email list quickly


Powerful segmentation tools

Multiple integrations with other e-commerce platforms

Drag and drop email editor


Few email templates to choose from

Requires some time to learn the system

Customer review

“Simple to use email & SMS marketing solution with affordable prices. Also, the 24×7 support is very responsive and helpful”.Customer Review


Shopify Rating: 5

NotifyVisitors is a powerful email marketing software that empowers businesses of all sizes to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

It has robust features, such as email personalization, email automation, email list segmentation, and more. What truly sets it apart from the competition is its intuitive user interface that allows users to get up and run quickly without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Furthermore, NotifyVisitors provides detailed analytics reports so that users can gain invaluable insights about email campaigns and optimize them for improved performance.

It is no wonder why businesses have turned to NotifyVisitors to stay ahead of the email game in this era of digital marketing.


Drag and drop content editor to customize your email templates

In-depth campaign analytics to keep a tab on campaign effectiveness.

Segmentation and personalization to target your audience efficiently.

Automated email campaigns to save you time and effort.

A/B testing to test different email variations to find the best one.

Best Used For

Advanced segmentation and personalization to target customers precisely

Campaign booster to improve campaign performance.


Easy to create and send email campaigns

Sound customer support

Single dashboard to keep track of all campaigns

Real-time analytics

Advanced segmentation


Too many features make it complex to use.


Free plan is available at $0 per month.

Startup plan starts at $49 per month

For the enterprise plan you need to content them.


Customer Review

“I use the Notifyvisitors app to send automated emails to my customers with a peace of mind. its user friendly and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to up their marketing automation.” Customer review

Best for Product Sourcing


Shopify Rating: 4.6

Printful allows you to print your creative on various items like t-shirts, tank tops, phone cases, bag packs, hoodies, and others. It allows you to sell unique, customized products to your customers without the need to keep stock.

Rather than building huge amounts of inventory, your products are created and printed on demand. After a customer places an order, Printful will receive an automatic notification, print the product with your design, and send it directly to the customer.

Key features

Orders are filled and sent to your customers under your brand

Built-in tools to enable you to create product designs

Numerous products to choose from

No up-front payments; you only need to pay once an order comes

Custom branding that allows you to boost your brand’s visibility

Product personalization enables you to give a personal touch to your customers


A free plan is available, plus paid plans starting from $9/month for the Plus Plan and $49 for the Pro Plan.

Best used for

Dropshipping from different continents

Creating and selling customized products with a unique design


Easy integration with your online store

Millions of products to choose from

No need to hold stock


Low margins

Limited branding options

Customer review

“Love the Printful app. It has some awesome features, and the integration with Shopify compared to other platforms is outstanding. I find that shipping rates are slightly high. Apart from that, Printful is all good”. Customer review

Best Free Dropshipping App

Dropshipman– Ali Dropshipping

Shopify Rating: 4.9

If you want to quickly expand your e-commerce business without any upfront investment, Dropshipman is a wonderful choice for you. This top-rated Shopify dropshipping app is 100% free to use. It allows store owners to import AliExpress products, process orders in bulk, and fully automate Shopify dropshipping. Moreover, they can optimize profitability through product sourcing (no MOQ), customize products for brand building, and fulfill orders globally with fast & reliable shipping methods.

Key features

Fast product sourcing from Chinese wholesale suppliers for higher profit margins.

One-click import products from AliExpress and Dropshipman Marketplace to your Shopify store with just a few clicks.

Fast & secure order fulfillment at low costs – 7 ~ 15 days shipping to most countries in the world.

Labeling, custom packaging, free quality inspection, and inventory storage services for growing your own brand.

24/7 customer support & dedicated personal agent to solve problems you have at any time.


Free to use. Dropshipman has become free to use since November 2021, which means that by contacting the support team, you can get a forever free upgrade.

Best Used for

Assisted product sourcing from Chinese suppliers

Importing AliExpress products in bulk

Processing dropshipping orders in bulk

Keeping prices, inventory, and tracking numbers updated


Free to use

Boosts productivity and lowers costs

A wide variety of services are available

24/7 multi-language support


Some tutorials need to be updated

Customer review

“This is a wonderful application for dropshippers! It covers all your needs. You can source winning products and easily import them to your store. The support team is responsive and amazing as well. I highly recommend it because it saves your time in sourcing awesome products (Y)” Customer review

DSers ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping 

Shopify Rating: 5.0

This AliExpress e-commerce solution allows users to place bulk dropshipping orders and payments conveniently. Besides AliExpress, DSers integrates well with other top e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce, Wix, and Shopify.

With DSers, you can easily find numerous AliExpress suppliers with a single click. You can also automate all your tasks, including placing orders, choosing shipping methods, synchronizing order status, generating order tracking numbers, and managing multiple stores.

Key features

Multiple store management: Easily manage several stores across different platforms like Woocommerce, Wix, and Shopify from a single platform.

Fast order placement: DSers automatically synchronizes all orders on your e-commerce platform, allowing you to place orders quickly.

Multiple dropshipping supplier management: This allows you to get multiple suppliers for one product


The app has a free basic plan and 3 paid plans. Its advanced plan costs $19.9/month, Pro Plan costs $49.9, and the Enterprise plan at $499.9/month.

Best used for

Optimizing several aspects of the dropshipping process in a single place

Finding products for your store

Finding suppliers for products


Easy to use

Saves time and money

Order tracking

Supports various languages


Limited integrations

Paid plans have complex features which beginners may find difficult to use

Customer review

“DSer’s customer service is 24/7, and it is timely and professional. I usually can receive a response 1 min after I send my questions. Recently, I received help from Aaron. He/She answered my questions professionally and promptly and created a pleasant chatting vibe. Many thanks again for Aaron!” Customer review

Best for Social Media Marketing

Instafeed – Instagram Feed 

Shopify Rating: 4.9

This Shopify app allows you to display your Instagram feed on your online store. The Instagram feed will instantly update as soon as you upload a new photo to Instagram. You can quickly create a dynamic consumer experience and boost customer engagement by displaying aloof your most recent products in a single location.

What’s best, potential buyers can browse and purchase your products directly from the feed as it is enabled for shopping.

Key features

Shoppable Instagram feed which allows you to link your blog posts to your Instagram and tag several products allowing your customers to shop directly from the feed.

Fully customizable, enabling you to edit your feed title, space between posts, and layout, letting you display the optimal layout to your store visitors.

Create social proof: Utilize your Instagram content to build social proof and convert visitors into customers.

A visual editor that allows you to design your Instagram feed the way you desire and display your content in under one minute.


A free plan is available with limited features. Paid plans start at $6.99/month for the Pro Plan and $17.99 for the Plus Plan.

Best used for

Converting visitors into customers with social proof

Displaying your well-designed Instagram feed


Shows the number of likes on a post

You can tag multiple products on your post

You can customize the number of rows and columns for mobile



The free version is limited

Customer review

“Perfect App. It’s working, it’s for free, and they have great support. I recommend this app”. Customer review


Shopify Rating: 4.8

This social media promotion app lets Shopify stores promote their stores out there. You can use this app to create sale promotions and post your new products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. With Outfy, you can automatically create product videos, collages, and GIFs and share them on various platforms.

Key features

Popular social media channels: The app supports various social media platforms, including youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. These allow you to reach a wide target audience.

Autopilot feature: The app automatically chooses products from your categories and creates videos, collages, or GIFs, then shares them on social media

Schedule: This lets you schedule your posts for future months

Customized themed templates: This allows you to create content quickly


It has a 7-day free trial and paid plans that start from $15/month for the starter plan, $30/month for the pro plan, and $60/month for the ultimate plan.

Best used for

Consistently promoting your products on social media

Crafting beautiful product creatives automatically



Saves time

Automatically shares your products on social media

Easy to use


Limited free plan

Customer review

“I used this app to help spread brand awareness for my store. The free plan is okay, but a video collage would be nice to have on it”.

Best for Referral, Affiliate, and Influencer Marketing



Shopify Rating: 5

This referral marketing solution for Shopify stores helps you reach your most devoted customers and spread the word about your business to others. It makes it possible for you to give incentives that help to convert customers into brand advocates for your business. You can use this app to track referrals directly and grow your business. What’s better, the solution integrates with SMS marketing programs and other apps like email marketing, ad retargeting, and site analytics tools. It’s also very easy and quick to set up.

Key features

Deliver branded customer service: You can customize your landing pages and emails with your brand colors, logo, and images.

Automate your referral program: This allows you to automatically reward customers who have successfully referred others.

Post-purchase pop-ups and emails which allow you to recruit existing customers to your referral program


Offers a 30-day free trial plan and paid plans costing $59/month for the premium plan and $299/month for the plus plan

Best used for

Rewarding customers for marketing your business through word of mouth


Saves time with the automation feature

Offers a risk-free free trial

Detects suspicious actions


It can be complex when testing a new referral program internally

Customer review

“Hey! We have been using Referral Candy for almost a couple of years, and it is great how easy it is to have a Referral Program, thanks to them. The support is excellent, and especially JC has been beneficial with all our needs and questions”. Customer review

Best for Sales & Promotions

Shopify Rating: 4.9

The Adoric app is great for upselling and cross-selling on your home page, product pages, and cart pages. These offers depend on your preferred campaign type – new arrivals, fast-selling, best-selling, frequently bought together, etc.

These campaigns are customizable to match special offers, discounts, and different holidays including Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Designed specifically for Shopify sellers, Adoric users enjoy a gradual and steady increase in revenue generated through campaigns live in your Shopify store.

Key Features

  • Product recommendation campaigns to increase average order value via upselling and cross selling strategies.
  • Promotion campaigns for showcasing special offers including discounts, promotions, and giveaways.
  • Easy-to-operate Wizard to edit, customize, and publish a range of campaigns (and popups) in your Shopify store.
  • Cart abandonment campaigns to reduce cart abandonment rate and increase overall store conversion from views to sales.
  • Preset triggers to determine who, when, and where different campaigns appear. And more…


Adoric offers a 14-day free trial. Paid plans run on a Pay-as-you-grow scheme where you pay based on the number of store orders you complete per month.

Best For

  • Promoting products via upsell and cross-sell strategies.
  • Boosting average order value by reducing cart abandonment and easing customers’ shopping experience.


  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Custom-made features for Shopify sellers.
  • Flexible payment plan to help you sell more and earn more.


Restricted features for non-Shopify sellers.


Shopify Rating: 5.0

This on-site marketing tool is designed to help businesses expand their email lists and increase sales. It enables you to utilize pop-ups, sign-up bars, exit intent, and on-site messages to deliver messages to any segment of the visitors to your web.

Key features

Contextual targeting: This allows you to craft specifically-targeted messages to reach exactly who you need and when you need them.

Simple-to-use campaign builder: Utilize drag-and-drop campaign builder to help you create pop-ups within no time.

Mobile-supported Shopify pop-ups: This helps create awesome pop-ups on mobile which comply with Google’s SEO guidelines.

Track, test, and optimize: This allows you to track clicks, displays, and conversions for your pop-up campaigns and see how they impact your conversions and revenues.


14-day free trial available. Paid plans start from $29/month for 50k page views, $49/month for 100k views, $99/month for 250k views, and $149/month for 500k views.

Best used for

Personalized on-site marketing

Converting website traffic

Driving traffic to product pages


Intuitive drag-and-drop pop-up builder

You can test and track pop-up performance

You can activate multiple campaigns at the same time


Not very easy to navigate

Customer review

“Wisepops is incredibly intuitive. Many options for design with A/B testing, targeting, and segmenting. We have been very pleased!” Customer review.

Best Shopify Apps: Summary

Thousands of apps are available today to help you run your business successfully. The right app will make it easy for you to run your business effectively and propel it to growth.

What app are you using for your store?

Well, there you have it all. Our list of the best Shopify apps you can use to grow your business. From product sourcing, marketing, referral programs, and SEO, you’ll find an app that your business needs from this list.

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