Unicorns & Friends

Unicorns & Friends


Stock USA. "Unicorns and friends" craft kit is shipping from our New York werehouse within 7-10 days. Thank you for choosing Ukrainian product. 😍With our “Unicorn and Friends” craft kit you can create 8 (eight) different characters from soft cuddly felt🎁 COMPONENTS OF THE SET: 🦄 2 cute unicorns. One girl and one boy; 🌈1 rainbow ☀️1 sun, 🌙1 moon 🌟 star (or you can make a comet) and ☁️2 colorful clouds. The kit contains everything you need to get creative🧸🎉
 Toys are sewn from ready-made pieces of felt forms with specially prepared holes for sewing with a plastic needle🧵🪡 The set includes detail

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Unicorns & Friends


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